Ground Attractions

This is a list of ground attractions that are planned to be included in the 2018 ACIAS. As happens every year, this list is subject to change due to last minute additions and deletions. Preceding the show, the list of attractions and their status is regularly updated right up until the day of the show.

Revised August 14, 2018


The Runway Market at the Show will be a diverse collection of both local & regional companies and organizations who want to see the fans and tell them about what they do. The variety is generally very wide, as we have everything from newspapers to flying lessons. Take some time to visit our exhibitors as they are an important part of our success, and support them throughout the year when you are out in our community.


A relatively new attraction we introduced a couple years ago is the Kids Zone. We are bringing this attraction back this year.

This will be available to kids of all ages for a nominal flat fee for the day.

All users of these attractions MUST follow any posted rules and directions given by their staff.


Commemorating the centennial of the signing of the armistice of Word War I, we will be having a "pop-up" Museum tent on-site designed to educate visitors about Canada's involvement in various conflicts.

Displays will range from uniforms and equipment up to and including large-scale replica aircraft.


This life-size cockpit of a CF-18 Hornet fighter jet lets fans get up close and personal, sitting inside and seeing what it is like to be a pilot for a few minutes. There is also an Air Force recruiting display set up alongside for those who would like to learn more about the Air Force and its career possibilities.


This bus is retrofitted to travel to national, provincial and regional events and venues to display Navy promotional aids. The program was created to better inform the Canadian Public of what the Navy is all about and to assist in the recruitment of Canadians into the Navy.