COVID-19 Safe!

What will a Drive-In Air Show look like?

This page will give a basic outline of the details of this year's Air Show and how it will be conducted as a safe and enjoyable event for all. These are subject to change as we are continually working wth input from the Nova  Scotia Department of Health & Wellness, Events Nova Scotia and the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is important that we meet the established standards put forth by all of these organizations, especially in the current COVID-19 environment.

The new site setup for this year differs from festival-style shows in that where you park is where you will view from. Traditionally we have parked our fans on closed runways or open fields well behind the spectator area. Fans would then make their way to entry gates which would cause a chokepoint of close contact gathering which we cannot allow in the current COVID-19 environment.

Instead, fans will not feel like they are watching the show from a parking lot. You will instead be driving diectly to your viewing area. We must stress this - you MAY exit your vehicles and enjoy the show in your designated viewing area on lawn chairs, blankets, etc.  Think of it as a picnic-style experience!


Traffic Flow In & Out

In the Picnic-Style Drive-In model, fans drive directly to the viewing area through a main grounds entrance and are then parked into the section that they purchased a ticket for by following signage and then the direction of on-site parking staff; mostly on a first-come, first-served basis. This will drive fans to the site well in advance of the flying time which is anticipated currently to be around 1:00 PM. Special reserved areas for VIP customers and guests will be allowed to enter & leave via an exclusive gate and/or earlier than the general viewing public.

Directions regarding parking upon arrival and then later, the leaving process will be broadcast continually throughout the day on the Air Show's FM frequency. Upon entry to the air show grounds, you will display your ticket (either printed or on a mobile device) to your window so that parking staff can then direct you to your specific colour-coded entryway to your parking section. It will be a completely touchless experience.

All vehicles will be parked facing "away" from the air show performance line and runway. Through the experience gained by other drive-in air shows held in the fall of 2020, we have learned that this “tailgate” format is a preferred orientation for vehicles for viewing. The back of a pickup truck can be used as a viewing stand or the raised gate on a minivan or SUV can provide shade as well as effective speakers to listen to the radio show’s announcer.

At the conclusion of the show, vehicles will depart by row rather than a ‘free for all’ departure, under direction from our experienced parking and security team.


General Site Map & Layout

Fans will have two viewing options - a space in the VIP Parking Area OR a space in one of several tiered General Viewing Parking Areas, designated here by various colours. Each car will have its own dedicated viewing space - measuring 20' wide x 25' deep in the General Viewing Parking Areas and in the VIP Parking Area, one of the benefits will be a slightly larger space measuring 25' wide x 25' deep. All the people in that particular vehicle will watch the air show from the same space.


Fan Viewing Area

In your own viewing area, you will be able to bring:

Lawn chairs and blanklets for seating are acceptable and encouraged. Consider this your private space. You can bring food, drinks, snacks for the kids and access those right from your vehicle or a cooler if you choose!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety reasons, absolutely NO cooking/heating devices of any kind will be permitted anywhere on the grounds.  This includes BBQs (portable or full-size), portable propane stoves, heating plates, etc.


Ticket Format

Single individual tickets will NOT be sold for the 2021 show. Instead fans will be purchasing a "group ticket" for their "carload", which provides them with their viewing area, where all of the people from that vehicle will view and enjoy the show together. Traditional ticket categories (ie. Adult, Senior, Youth, Military, etc.) do not apply for this year.

Examples of who could attend include, but are not limited to:

In other words, one ticket purchased per carload, regardless of the makeup of your group! When you get to the show - you will be directed onto the Air Show grounds by our parking staff, and right to your section and specifically your viewing area. You will pull into your space, park and then exit your vehicle to view the show with your group.


COVID-19 Site Rules (including washrooms!)

Air Show Atlantic 2021 will be produced as a COVID-19 safe event!  Here is how...

The first thing we would like to stress to fans, is that we are designing the air show so that it could ideally be produced under the COVID-19 provincial regulations we have been living with from January to now.  It is our hope that with increased distribution of vaccines, we move through the next period of weeks and months we will see the return of the Atlantic bubble and events being allowed to take place with proper safety measures in place.

While in your viewing area, you will not be required to wear a mask. In each row of vehicles (an average of 20 per row) there will be a single portable washroom and trash/recycling cans. When you leave your viewing area to use a washroom however, you will be REQUIRED to wear your mask and maintain social distancing (6' or 2m) from your fellow fans.

The only exception to not wearing a mask in your own viewing area is when you are approached by volunteers and/or staff coming to your viewing area.  The person from your group speaking with the air show staff will be required to wear their mask for the duration of the transaction. This would include encounters such as the ticket check-in process and contact tracing verification, or when dealing with volunteers/staff in any other capacity like parking, security, concessions, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other than going to use a washroom, NO ONE is permitted to leave their viewing area, especially to go into another group's viewing area. The viewing areas are for the occupants of that vehicle ONLY. There are NO exceptions to this rule!


Section Shepherds

As fans arrive, each section of approximately 100 cars will be met by their “shepherd” for the day. Their job will be to verify tickets and to ensure that the names attending in the spots match with those of the ticket buyer for COVID-19 contact-tracing purposes. The “shepherd” will be the fan’s main point of contact for any questions or directions on how to safely enjoy the day.

Shepherds will deliver a handout to you that contains information including:


Roving Delivery Carts

Basic packaged food and drink items, and concessions such as sunglasses, earplugs, sunscreen, etc. that you would have normally found at our "comfort stations" in past years will now be brought to you. Think of the experience at a hockey game or concert.

As a critical mass of fans begin to be parked in their “picnic spot” for the day we will have roving concessions carts going along the front of each parked row of vehicles providing a selection of food, drink, necessities and more. They will be equipped with portable payment terminals that can handle both "tap" transactions (which are recommended when possible) as well as traditional ones using the dial pad. Payments that can be accepted will be Debit, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

We recommend designating ONE member of your group to deal with the staff/volunteers that arrive at your viewing area. During these interactions, all safety protocols including wearing masks, social distancing, use of hand sanitizer, etc. will all be in place. We require that your designated person follows these same protocols as well!


The Radio Show

This year you will hear the air show like never before! With fans on-site and experiencing different traffic flow and entry logistics, we will be producing a day-long radio show on our own FM frequency within a 3-kilometre range of the airport site. As fans enter the broadcast area they will be informed as to instructions to enter the grounds and find their spot safely and efficiently. We will broadcast all day - before, during and immediately after the air show, providing constant entertainment and information.

You will hear:

There will be plenty more information regarding the radio show as we approach the show weekend, but we wanted to share this new way we are planning to stay connected with you while staying apart!

This is a LOT of information, but it is a unique year with many new challenges for us all. As we get closer to the air show dates, all of this and more information as it develops will be posted and updated regularly on both our web site and on our social media platforms.

Thanks to ALL of you, for your continued support of Air Show Atlantic!