Rules & Guidelines

Air Show Atlantic has been developed for the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved. The show's future depends on the support of the public and their willingness to abide by specific safety measures. Please help us by adhering to the Show guidelines listed below, doubly so because of the restrictions brought on by COVID-19. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!

Maintain Social Distancing when Required

In order to comply with provincial health regulations, the new drive-in format for the Show will have social distancing at two levels:

Wear a Mask when Required

In order to comply with provincial health regulations, masks will be required for all attendees either when speaking to/dealing with an air show volunteer or staff member at the edge of their parking space or when leaving their space such as heading to the portable washroom in their "row".

While attendees are in their parking space, they are not required to wear a mask, as the group of people attending is expected to be part of their "bubble".

Sanitize Hands when Required

In order to comply with provincial health regulations, we recommend that attendees sanitize their hands in situations similar to those in current daily life.  This would include when doing things like handling a payment terminal or using the portable washroom facilities.  Hand sanitizing stations will be in place at each washroom area and the carts servicing each parking area will also be equipped with hand sanitizer. We also do recommend that attendees come equipped with their own hand sanitizer as a backup.

Driving & Parking

Please allow for sufficient time to drive to the Show and to park. Expect minimal delays and adjust accordingly. Please be careful when driving to the show... the activity in the sky can distract you more than normal. Watch the road and arrive at the show safely. And please don't park where you're not supposed to... if in doubt, move to where you are directed, as Show security/police will be instructed to tow unauthorized parked vehicles.


Please DO NOT bring your pets. Because of safety reasons for both the pet and people on-site at the Show, NO PETS will be permitted on the Air Show grounds with the exception of certified service animals.

No Smoking Areas

Please - for safety and courtesy there is NO SMOKING anywhere on the Air Show grounds. If you do light up anywhere, you will be asked to extinguish and dispose of your cigarette.


The new drive-in format will contain your movement to your designated parking space and while wearing a mask, directly to and from the designated washroom and litter collection area for your "row" of approximately 20 vehicles.

We request that you keep all litter in your specified vehicle parking space and upon leaving for the day, to double-check your space and take any litter home with you for disposal.  In the instances where it may not be practical to take the litter home, due to its messy nature for example, there will also be a litter collection bin co-located in the same area as the portable washroom for your "row".

Food & Drink

Food or drinks are allowed to be brought to the Air Show, but must only be set out and consumed in your designated vehicle parking space.

No cooking equipment or open flame will be permitted anywhere on the site, so please ensure all food that is brought on site will not need to be cooked or heated up.

No Alcohol

There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in any areas of the Show grounds. Any alcohol brought onto the site will be confiscated upon discovery and can also be considered grounds for immediate removal of that vehicle and its occupants from the Show without a refund.

Be Aware of the Heat

It is summer in Nova Scotia - this means you should take precautions for potential high heat and humidity. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and drink plenty of water. On a hot day, your body will lose more water than is required to just satisfy your thirst.

Watch for the warning signs of heat-related disorders:

If the heat starts to cause these symptoms, be sure to seek medical attention right away!

Items You Bring

The new drive-in format for the Show this year is similar to a "picnic" type experience for attendees.

Feel free to bring your lawn chair, blanket, umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, coolers, etc. They can all be set out and used within the vehicle and the designated parking space. You will be required to pack everything up and take it all back home with you at the end of the day.

Concessions carts are also planned to go through each of the parking areas and will be equipped with portable payment terminals. They will be able to handle both "tap" transactions (which are recommended when possible) as well as traditional ones using the dial pad. Payments that can be accepted will be Debit, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.