Participate As Flight Crew

If you have any particular questions related to Air Operations, please e-mail our Air Ops Team at

ASA Air Safety Briefing

All participants in the air display are required to send at least one member for the team. Any participants that miss the brief will be unable to fly and their part of the air display will be cancelled. Details of briefings will be given to the flight crews upon their arrival.


The NOTAM for the Air Show Atlantic 2022 will be posted here and linked below once it has been approved for distribution.

We also highly recommend checking with the NAV CANADA web site to confirm the above info is accurate and to view any additional NOTAMs currently in effect by using the links provided below:

Aviation Weather Forecasts & Observations

The following links are direct to the appropriate agencies responsible for providing this information in their respective countries. However, this information should not be used for flight planning.